Jun 27 2018: General Improvements: Software updates and hardware upgrades, gradually rolled out across the cluster. All DNS services remained available during the update, but web services may have been impacted for up to 1hr during this time. All updates completed in approximately 2hrs.

Oct 30 2016:

Oct 29 2016: General Improvements: ns03 moved to West Coast (USA) to improve availability. Approximately 10mins downtime during the transition. ns01 and ns02 remained available. Over the next week or so, two similar infrastructure improvements may result in a short outage as well.

Oct 28 2016: Feature: Change Password feature enabled. General aesthetic improvements. Added this page. :)

Oct 26 2016: Bug fix: Domain limit for new users set to 3. (/u/ZhouLe)

Oct 24 2016: Bug fixes:

Oct 23 2016: General Improvements: Updated registration forms to include password requirements. (/u/PerkyPangolin)

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